January 2nd, 2017, 10:26 pm
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From the Author
January 2nd, 2017, 6:40 pm
I know this page is very text-heavy. Things don't get comicky in earnest until page 7, but after that there are a bunch of pages that are mostly comic, and a couple which are 100% comic. I do the storybook text to get exposition out of the way quickly, and save the comic panels for character stuff and jokes. Since Chapter One IS the exposition it's very heavy in the text department, and I anticipate future chapters will be more comic-driven.
This is one of the pages that makes me worry the comic needs some kind of mature content warning. It's not pornographic, certainly, but she is fully naked.
Beyond that, I think I am getting the hang of making these pages!
July 18th, 2018, 6:33 pm
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